Apple can’t sue in Brazill for trademarks

Apple has lost is iPhone trademark in Brazil meaning they can’t sue for trademark things.Android,it’s your time.(kinda).

The BBC reports that,by citing conversations with officials,the company Gradiente Eletronica’s registration for the name in 2000 passed.Therefore,Apple has no right to use the name on their products in Brazil.

However,Apple might appeal the decision,according to the BBC.

However,not everything is going bad for Apple.The other company registered the trademark in 2000,but they did not bring out the product until last December when it sold Android based devices.That,Apple believe,would help them win the case.

But,this is Apple were talking about,they are no stranger to court battles.It had the problem like this with Cisco and that case with a chinese company.I think they don’t have a chance,or do they?

I think they have a very good case against Apple,maybe the strongest yet.However,Apple also have a case(kinda),but there is only one question.Who will win?



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