CISPA,it’s coming back.maybe

The terrible bill might be coming back due to the latest cyber attacks on U.S targets.According to reports.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers(R-Mich) and Ranking Member Rep,Dutch Ruppersberger.(D-Md),say they plan to re-intro CISPA(Cyber Intelligence Sharing And Protection Act) next week during a speech.(by the way,it’s completely un-changed).The speech will be at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington,which means that it will be full of officials who will probably support the bill.

“American businesses are under siege,” Rogers said in a statement cited by the blog. “We need to provide American companies the information they need to better protect their networks from these dangerous cyberthreats. It is time to stop admiring this problem and deal with it immediately.”Rogers said in a statement.

This is because of the recent attacks on the:New York Times,The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.As well as The Federal Reserve’s website.As well as the comments about an imminent “cyber 9/11”. This is despite the outcry about this bill being introduced in 2012,however it was passed.However,it stalled in the Senate because they were working on another internet law(of which we do not know).Still,we know how much the government was to regulate the internet.

What now?

Well,the report says that President Obama will issue an executive order on cybersecurity  after February the 12.After his State Of Union Address.

The order would be voluntary and would be a program of cybersecurity standards for companies operating vital U.S. infrastructure(whatever that means).Anyway,it also means that it “directs federal agencies to consider incorporating the cybersecurity standards into existing regulations [and]…directs the government to share more information about computer threats with the private sector and issue more security clearances allowing industry representatives to receive classified information.”

What does Obama think about all this(or at least from the post)?Well,he backed legation for the voluntary thing.However,the Republicans and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce say that it will be ineffective and will slow down business.

I have to say,I’m not a fan of this CISPA thing.Even without this,the government has blocked numerous Tweets.The goverment is not going to let anyone get out of line,but the internet is a powerful tool.So maybe we can stop this,we stopped SOPA and PIPA.But,if this happens,I will do everything in my power to stop it. Well,what do you think?Leave your opinions in the comment below and rate,comment and follow my website.


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