Java is safe,maybe

Java has rushed out a patch to fix 50 security flaws.

“What is this all about”?,you may ask.Well,people found a hole in Java(made by Orcacle),and everyone panicked,and the US Department Of Homeland security recommencing that you disable or uninstall Java,it was a big thing.

The patch has 44 patches to fix flaws in its plug-in,the rest is unknown by me.The flaw was in Java Runtime meaning that If they hadn’t fix the flaw,a website could execute code just by going on the website.

“The popularity of the Java Runtime Environment in desktop browsers, and the fact that Java in browsers is OS-independent, makes Java an attractive target for malicious hacker”,Eric Maurice.Director of Oracle Software Security Assurance in the post.

This is the second of the updates,the first was released on January 13.However,not all the issues were patched so the U.S Department Of Homeland Security still recommending that you uninstall or disable it.

“Oracle felt that, releasing this Critical Patch Update two weeks ahead of our intended schedule, instead of releasing a one-off fix through a Security Alert, would be more effective in helping preserve the security posture of Java customers,” Maurice noted.

This is not the first time something like this has happened,Oracle has been criticised in the past for not keeping it’s software secure.




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