Techno top 10:MWC predictions

Well,just under a month after CES,Mobile World Congress is coming to town.Well,this is my top 10 of what to expect at Mobile World Congress.

Number 10:Windows 8 phones

Well Microsoft has shown of its Windows 8 for computers and tablets,it’s now time for it to show of it’s OS for phones.What I expect is a flagship phone for emerging markets,flagship phone for normal markets and maybe some tablets.And maybe,OS 8.5 Tango.However,there is not really much interest in this platform but there might be hope in this platform.

Number 9:New phone by Samsung

Many of the best phones are launched at events like this.Plus,this would be a great time for a next version of their Note or S4.To enforce this,the Galaxy Note 10.1 was released at this event and there are rumours that the Galaxy S4 will be released at this event as well.But that is unlikely that the S4 will be released though.But somthing that is likely is a 8 inch Note.

Number 8:HTC phone

HTC last year was just in the background,now they look like there on a roll.With phones like the Droid DNA and the Windows phone 8X,and many rumoured phones.Let’s start with the HTC Ville,which leaked in early December.The phone could have,4.3 inch qHD display,4.0 Ice cream Sandwich and a 8MP camera.The next pho..more in later story.

Number 7:Nexus stuff

The next-gen Google Nexus 10 might be released at Mobile World Congress.The tabet did very well  with a big tablet at a good price.With the Nexus 10 gen 2,things might be a lot more interesting.The Nexus 10 could be one beast of a tablet with 2GB of RAM and a Mail T678 GPGPU.Sadly,there is not much info on this rumour but if it’s true,it will be awesome.

Number 6:Nokia

That’s right,Nokia can do something amazing,or at least be rumoured.The rumours on this company are that they may release a Windows RT tablet,which might have a 10 inch screen and a Snapdragon processor and a snap on keyborad.Plus,Microsoft has Nokias back so Microsoft will help with the push to sell this tablet.

Number 5:Android phones

Well it seems that there can’t be a day without an Android phone released,which range from great to horrible.But,I like they way the phones are,there can be weird,they can be fun,they can be amazing.Anyway,back to the stories.This platfrom has a lot of interest and is the easiest to use on a phone.Plus,it’s the most popular OS in the mobile world.

Number 4:Amazing stuff

I know this doesn’t really have much to do with this,but it’s my post and I can do what I want.Phones have every idea.So many,that there running out.So there is the birth of crazy ideas in phones.From bendable screens to virtual reality apps.The world is a crazy place!

Number 3:The other stuff

Again,this is loosely based on tech.But,I’m running out of ideas.Anyway,there are company’s that aren’t really in the cell phone market.Like,Asus,Acer,Fujitsu and Alcatel(well they are in the cell phone market).Plus,Intel,Qualcom and Nvidia will be there talking processors as well.

Number 2:connecting stuff to other stuff

Well people connect with everything,from phone to tablets.Now there connecting together,and company’s are creating ways for them to connect with lots of software with it.They are getting so much cooler.But this isn’t really the stuff here but if someone does do it here,it could be great.

Number 1:Lame stuff that looks cool

Well in my series of stuff that my mind thinks of,this is the best one.Anyway,this is what I see at events like this.An amazing product is released at an event,then is comes to market and is rubbish.It hapenns all the time.

Well this is the end of my very first top 10,and I enjoyed writing it.Now I’m going to give you some quick info about this.Top 10 will be uploaded on Sundays and every end of the month Sunday will be dedicated to tech failures.

Well thanks for reading and give your ideas for a top 10 in the comment section below and don’t for get to rate,comment and follow.


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