Apple and Samsung getting knocked down a peg

Apple is not the only on with a falling stocks,Samsung is at it to.Sadly,this is a bad thing to be in.Hey,any excuse to buy tech is one I’ll use.

Well we will be starting on the opposite of what this story is about.Anyway,they have been reporting amazing growth in last quarters and beating the company’s by a big amount with major market share.This was enforced by Samsung saying last night that its fourth-quarter profits have gon up by 76%.Plus,sales jumped 19% .

Apples was just as plentiful.Despite Apples net rate was flat in the first-quarter,its sales have grown by 18%.

However,there is an increasing worry that their best days are behind them and they are become lazy old persons.Worse,that they would be beaten by some other company.And I really would not like that.Like the Nexus 6 made by Pantech.Well,they have been a bit(very)mean to the rest of the market.

Well as a start,the iPhone 5 sales have not hit the target that was expected.For Samsung,the news was a bit better,in their fourth-quarter conference call.They said that conditions are going to get worse.But they did say what they expected from this year and the next quarter.

  • First-quarter smartphone and tablet demand will fall
  • Overall for the year, the handset business should see more competition amid a slowdown in smartphone growth.
    • Demand should be solid in emerging markets for mid- and low-end smartphones.
  • Tablets also should see more competition, but growth should be strong amid emerging markets expansion.

For now,Samsung still dominates the smartphone market.Well for now,but one day.It could be the bottom of the technology pecking order.



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