Top 10 Teaser

Welcome to the first Top 10 by Technobullet.Todays top 10.Well it isn’t really it’s just a teaser.It’s just a collection of the last 3 bits Well,let’s start.Plus,the descriptions are shortened.

Top 3:Best Free software

Number 3:Camstudio

Not to be confused with Camtasia Studio.Screen recorders can be up to $300,but this one is free.Plus,it’s very easy to use and,with my editing software,easy to edit to.Plus it has very many good features which I use a lot.

Number 2:VLC Media Player by VideoLAN

Trust me,this piece of software has saved me so many times it should be called save yourself.Seriously though,it is a great bit of kit.It can play,well anything.Plus,the UI is very easy and useful.

Number 1:AVG free edition 2012

Well that one really saved me,but this was has saved so many computer that if they charged for how many computers they saved I would have to pay over £2000.It’s very good at its job and has a browser extension.

Top 3:worst software

Number 3:Adobe Reader

We all need to read PDFs from time to time,bit if you have to read one.Don’t use this.Well I you really need to I guess it’s passable.But,dfor the securty gaps,the UI,the everything.It’s just rubbish.It could be classed a bloatware.

Number 2:Toolbars

Just tool bars in general.These wired little things that drop from your search box like there stitched on,just do.Well,nothing.Worse,they use up A LOT of memory.Really,a lot.Anyway,these come bundled with free software most of the time,but that how they make there money.So no hard feelings software writers.

Number 1:Itunes for Windows

Yes I know it’s from the god that is Apple.But,the last versions weren’t really that good.And anoying.Well,it’s slow and resourse hungry.To things that should not go in the same sentence.Well other down sides are:it’s a mess as well.

Top 3:Worst OSs

Number 3:Windows ME

It really didn’t do much as far as OSs go.Plus,it was very resorce hungry for the time.Plus,it crash a lot.Really,a lot for it’s time.But,there is not really any info about it.

Number 2:DOS OS

DOS(Disk Operating System) was on most IBM PCs from 1981 to 1995.That’s older than Windows 1.0!The memory was coded really horribly addressing,which led to,crashes,horrible screen output.Plus,a keyboard sound that is so irritating that you will hit it with a hammer.(Because you couldn’t though it out the window.Unless your strong.They were very big.).

Number 1:Windows Vista

Well DOS really sucked After the major success of Windows XP,they forgot about it and created a new design.So that hurt it from the start and that was only the start….

Not going to really get into that,it’s a big spoiler.



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