Surface error:46,can’t connect to servers.

Well the curse of Windows strikes(again)on a Microsoft thing(again)Just this time it’s the Surface(not again).

The bug was got via a Microsoft update .The bug was first found my users of the Microsoft forms and this comment sums up how people felt about it.

OK, this is awkward. I have a problem because of what seems to be Microsoft’s fault and nobody is willing to help me now. Shall I remind you that I spent 700 dollars on this tablet?

Yep,people are not that happy about it are they?

Well what is it and why do they care about it.One reason is that you can’t access the Windows Store.To fix it you must wait a couple of hours or rebooting a couple times.The next fault is that you can’t get updates from Windows Update.Well what’s the problem with that?You ask.Well if there is a security flaw,which WILL happen)you tablet would be a sitting duck.The best part,it’s impossible to fix yet.But it’s ok,not everybody has the last problem.YAY.

Hey look on the bright side,you can now hack your surface and Microsoft can’t do anything.You could install Android and with some covers you can say you have a Nexus 7.You can also jailbreak it so you have a much better app store. Yes,despite the Surface costs more and it  might make you look cheap.Plus,the app store might have malware in it.Well that didn’t really make me feel better.

Well that’s it,hoped you liked it and I’ll see you on the interweb.


Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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