Facebook SOS,no one cared

Well people lives are like on record on Facebook and even there deaths.Hold on,deaths?

30 year-old Eric Ramsey knew that his time was soon going to be up.So,at 3:15 AM,he posted on his Facebook wall that he was about to get shot.However,his friends thought that he was joking which ment that he was shot by a policeman.Shortly after his post.

They where searching for him because apparently raped a women,set a house on fire and stole a truck which he used to ram 2 police cars.The girl escaped and told the police.

According to the press release:”He put her in the car and drove of.While driving,the suspect said that he was going to take her life.After hearing that,the victim jumped out of the car and ran to a residence on Mission Road.Yellling for help.”PDF download for more.


Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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