Chromebook for schools by Lenovo

Google has a new ally in the computer OS game:Lenovo.It’s a big one to because Lenovo is the 2nd PC maker.However it’s only for schools.

For Google,it’s just a foot at the door.Because,it’s only for schools.And geared the same way.The Thinkpad X131e,could give Google an advancement against Apple and Microsoft.However Lenovo is not pushing this as a mainstream device like Samsung and Acer,have done.

It’s not know what Lenovo is going to do to Chrome OS but Microsoft would have a reason since most computers in schools are Windows and Chrome OS is not compatible with Office.But,this is good for Microsoft because it only supports online stuff and plugins.Plus,you can only download plugins so a black mark there.

This could be the start of loads of Chrome OS devices and Chrome devices and new ones in the works.Like Keiv which looks like a Chromebox by Acer.(A Chromebox is a copy of a Mac Mini).

If you don’t know what Chrome OS is,let me fill you in.The Chrome OS is a Linux based and is based on an internet browser.Google Chrome,duh.Due to that the laptop can be dirt cheap like £199 for the Acer one and £229 for the Samsung one.The downside,there not really real laptops or desktops.Like the Samsung has a 16GB SSD.Also,you can’t download programs.Just addons.So it’s not a proper OS.

The phrasebook are designed for everything Google,Docs,mail,Youtube and more.This could have not have come at a worse time for Microsoft with the muddle with Windows 8 and RT and all that.The Chromebook is gaining some ground and with most people just using there computers for going on Facebook and all that.

The laptops specs are quite good



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