Facebook social graph new Facebook problem?

Well if you’ve not been online in 2 years you may have heard of Facebook’s privacy issues.Well if you haven’t,go Google it.(If you don’t know what Google is,get of the internet!).Anyway,this can be summarised in seven words:everybody can search you in any category.

Facebook new Social Graph Search will alow users to search you.The bad part,people you don’t know can search for things like vulnerable women and could find you.So the horrible things that would insure as a result.Worse,by putting near themselves can find you and do all that horrible stuff.It’s not restricted to that,you can stalk that girl who dumped you and other things I won’t tell you.Or even of your friends in swimsuits.

Facebook says that you can get great search results and  you’re not limited to you saying”Find me a Pizza Hut in London,” .But,”Take me to a Pizza Hut which my friends love.”.But when you get there it closed or it’s been sold to McDonalds,or that what happens to me.All you need to do is relax and let Facebook share everything you do.24 hours,365 days a year.

They also sayed that “Built with privacy in mind,”the best part of that was the fact that he could keep a straight face.Nothing you share is not searchable.” there are two problems:Facebook and  you.The internet user.

They say that nothing that’s public will be a result on the search,that maybe true.But we all know how good Facebook is at the oops,we’ve accidentally made all your private stuff public excuse.So in other words that is they have put all your non public stuff public.The chances of that happening is very high aswell.

Before you think that’s not going to happen to me,well here is an example from a person at Techradar.When Facebook released simpler privacy settings he checked his settings all his to friends-only stuff was now public.He was a tech geek,what about the people who are not in tech.Think how many friends-only stuff got public.How much data was given away to well,anyone?

Another worry I have is that the small bits of data like updates are one big thing when combined can be one hot potato.Like the comments you said about your mum but set to friends-only.That can be searched so better delete those comments.One example of this is if you like Microsoft and then say that Apple is way better than Microsoft to all your friends who post about it.See what I mean.

That’s just a drop in the ocean,the possibilities are endless.And scary.Since you have most of the stuff about you,like your views,sex and all the other sensitive info.Imange all the people who could do,well.Anything with your info.I don’t want my child stalled and I hope you don’t to.I he can do that because if it’s location enabled they can do all that horrible stuff I said above.Soon it will be on your phone to so the chances of that happening are even higher

Soon it could  have notifications which would alert you if someone who meets your critera is near you or was.The indexing would not just use likes,but all the info in the account so they might be one person on the profile but a other person in real life.But the but quetion is,”what will go wrong

Well I think this is just another Facebook fiasco,but with the growing age of privacy and stalkers is this a step to far?


Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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