CES 2013 rap up

Well that’s CES so here is our rap up.

Top 10:Cool stuff at CES

Number 10:TVs

Well it’s not CES without TVs is it?And this year is no exception.With a new smart TV from Sharp and Samsung which were amazing.Plus,with OLED TV by LG coming in 2013 it was a solid proformance.However this is at the bottom is because we did not see the crazy stuff we sometimes see at CES.Number 9:Computers and other stuff.

Number 9:computers

Again,it’s not CES without them.Firstly the wired stuff like the Lenovo Table PC.That is not a typo.It’s a PC which hides in a table.Next we have touch.With the release of Windows 8 many computers now come with touch and I think it’s a good advancement against the Mac.But,I’m still a Mac lover.

Number 8:Iwatch things

Well they have no official name so I called them that.Anyway,the first thing I would like to talk about is smartwatches.Well if you liked the dismise of the Microsoft SPOT over 10 years a go.your in for a rude awaking.The smartwatches are back with a vengence.Many might say…more later

Number 7:small makers making smartphones

Well It’s wired but follow me on this.Because of Mobile World Congress in about a months time ment that all the big manufactures are saving there big releases for that event.Therefore,there was more space for phones like the ZTE Grand S.The best one I think is the Yota-Phone(not the Yoda-Phone).Which has a normal screen on the front and a E-ink screen on the back.But,will they make it to market or are they vaporware?And that,by the way,is why it’s near the bottom.

Number 6:privacy,or lack of

Well many people really care about this,however if you like to track your kids like mad,this is for you.We all know.From Ford’s MyFordTouch tracker to Facebook’s long history of privacy issues the modern world does not care about your privacy.While jen Y kinda cares but,oh well.
Number 5:No controller for your stuff.

Number 5:no controler for your stuff

Well ever since the Kinect came out everybody is using the idea of no controller for your stuff.From,the Samsung’s smart TV with a motion sensor.Which I know came out before CES.To a wired 3D sensor which can can control pretty much anything.And being the smallest 3D sensor it would just blend in.The man…More down below.

Number 4:the booths

Ok,ok.I know.It’s a tech blog not a booth blog well it’s my part of the post so I can do what I want.But the booths are amazing,really.They were bigger,better and more amazing.Sorry,I just can’t do this so on to number 3.

Number 3:south hall

Well there was so many cool things in there.From the Curve-Touch remote which floats above it’s base.To the Hard Drive which looks like it shoots your hard drive full of BBs.The place is just cool.

Number 2:Anything connected

Yes it’s what CES is known for and this year is no exception with LG and there one touch share with NFC and the Samsung oven which has it’s own app so you can turn it on from your car.This was the year of the connected device.And I really like that.

Number 1:3D printers

Yes,I know.It’s not really the best thing ever but I think it’s a growing sector in the tech market.Bit the idea of your own 3D model is amazing.You might think that the qualty is poor and there big and cost a bomb.Well the first two not really.The quatly is very good.They are about double the size of a normal printer but about the width of a normal printer.The third you are about right.One of the cheapest 3D printers is about £729!!!

Small wearable things

They have no real name for them but the idea of aa small PDA on my wrist is somthing I like.A great example is the Peble watch.It’s slim and small watch that has Email and stuff like that aand then sync it to your Android or IOS device.And no not Blackberry devices.(to self)YES!

No controller for your stuff

First it was smartphones and now it’s 3D sensors.The sensor,from Primesence,could change that way we think forever!It’s 10 times smaller than the last sensor so it would blend in and products with it in could be here by 2014!It does have some competition,however one of them uses a 2D camera so it’s not like full 3D.

CES summary

I would do this my self but to I let Champ1234567810 do it so tell me which one you like my one on CES predictions or his here.

This year at CES we have seen 9 new apps for MyFordTouch and 2 new TV’s from Panasonic. As well as a new version of Samsung Series 5 Laptops with Windows 8. This year has been different because Microsoft didn’t attend. What do you think about this? Please let us know via the What Do You Think Page. Well, Sony didn’t announce their new PlayStation at CES. Maybe they are waiting until the new Xbox is announced. If so, I think they have made the right decision. Again, please let us know your thoughts about this via the What Do You Think Page. Anyway, lets get on with the post. Another thing I would like to mention is the new Super-Protective Screen Protector. CNET put this to the test by using power tools and trying to damage the screen. When they took the screen protector off they couldn’t see one spot on the screen.
Last year at CES, tablets become very popular. With Windows 8’s Metro UI taking the stage, and Samsung making new tablets. It really was tablets who took the centre stage. Well, now we have Surface and the HP Envy X2, just to name a few. You would think their would be problems with sharing keyboards that easily. Well, nobody has encountered any major problems with that cool feature yet. This is Windows we’re talking about here! Or maybe, Windows has changed. Maybe they have much less faults now. Yes ok, there has been a few problems with Windows 8.However, there were a lot more problems with other versions of Windows, especially Vista. But when Windows is working to a high standard, it’s a truly revolutionary OS. And sometimes we forget that when we are encountering bad problems etc…
For some time now, Windows and Mac have been the most competitive tech rivals in history. People either follow Windows or Mac OS. It’s like when you support a football team, when you have supported them for a little while, you stay supporting them. Well, you may think I’m talking a load of rubbish. But I’m not. I’m telling you a true story. Some people love Mac because they can easily do simple tasks and rather advanced tasks on one computer. Some people like Windows because it’s much cheaper than Mac and it’s been around for a long time. Well actually, that’s wrong because Mac OS has been around for some time. Never mind.
Anyway, back on the subject. CES 2013 is over. We are now waiting for WWDC!We are big apple fans:).

champ12345678910 and Red5860.


2 thoughts on “CES 2013 rap up

  1. NOT A GOOD SITE, I come here looking for stuff about my favourite company… Toshiba but instead i get filled in in technology mumbo-jumbo. I do like Champ12345678910’s posts though, he/she seems to be very talented. Sorry

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