The end of Messenger,the start of a new era?

I knew this day would come.But a lot sooner it’s been 13 years but still.It hurts and being gave by email is very undramatic.

Windows Live Messenger is finely coming to an end after 13 years(apart from China where it will still run) and,despite not really using it,it really hurts.I think this is because of Microsoft update thing and with the release of Skype 6.0  started it with Windows Live integration.

Number for Messenger have been low from 2010 and then it said it had 300 million users(which is average number of users at that time).Microsoft says it has millions of users but will not give an exact number and Skype has 280 million users.UPDATE:Microsoft has confirmed that the user amount is 100 Million+.


For the people from the pre-smartphone and pre-social network era the news it a blessing and a curse.On one hand,it is time for Messenger to go with things like Facebook.On the other hand,they might like Messenger and don’t want to switch to skype.

I think that this is not needed,but it’s really old and not many people use it.

Well that’s it,thanks for reading this and hope to see you next time.I welcome your criticism.


Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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