Will The New PlayStation Be Announced at CES?


You’re probably wondering why I’m not writing this on our CES blog. Well, the reason is because we think, if the new PlayStation is announced at CES, it’ll be a definite highlight. Please let us know what you think about this.

Anyway, lets move on. Firstly, lets get one thing straight. I personally don’t want the new PlayStation to be announced at CES. I’ll tell you why, because Sony need to beat Microsoft with their Xbox! If Sony announces the new PlayStation now, people will just wait for the new Xbox (possibly Xbox 720). The reason I say that is because Xbox has beaten the PlayStation in price, popularity and sales. Sony need to beat Xbox by getting all the press and popularity towards their new PlayStation.

Sony haven’t given us any clues really. We can’t even be sure of the name of the new PlayStation. It could be PlayStation 4 or PlayStation anything.

Enjoy blogging!
Champ12345678910, the Technobullet Author with red5860.


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