windows 8,now a flop?

So the curse of windows strikes again with Windows 8,however the curses weapon is Windows 7.

Yes,you heard me right,Microsoft is being hit by its own sword. CNET reports that according to the NPD group blurb says that Windows 8 holiday sales continue to not impress.They also said,”The launch of Windows 8…did little to boost holiday sales or improve the yearlong Windows notebook sales decline,” NPD said.

To be more specific,Windows laptop”holiday unit sales” were down 11%year-to-year,they said.Plus,the price rose slightly –$2 to $420 according to the NPD.

Meanwhile,the price of a Mac rose up $100 to $1419 with a sales drop of 6%.

One of the problems is all the systems you can get with Windows 8.Touchscreeen laptops,touchscreen convertibles,ect. So people miss the olden days of Windows 7.Another reason,is all of the cheap netbooks that came with Windows 7,Which was an analysis from the Supersite For Windows.

Now I feel that people don’t want to pay more for a Windows PC and people,when they realise that the PC is too much, they say”oh well,I’ll keep my old PC”.And that might be why sales have been tanking.

Also,sales of Intel’s power efficient Atom chip is also falling.Which  One of the reasons maybe tablets/laptops like the HP Envy X2 at $899,who would pay that?I wouldn’t.It’s very overpriced.Let’s say,everything is different from when Windows 7 came out.

On the other hand,demand for touchscreen Windows 8 PCs it strong in the U.S.However,I don’t know how demand in the UK is.Likely,terrible.Anyway,stockist of touchscreen Windows 8 PCs are finding it hard to keep them on the shelves.CNET was told.

And now for a top 5.

Top 5 things wrong with Windows 8.

Number 5:8 and RT

Windows RT is Microsofts tablet OS,however it looks like Windows 8.So much that I thought RT was an addition of Windows 8.I mean.really.I’m a tech geek and I got mixed up.So how will the general  consumer fare? Fix it Microsoft

Number 4:The Windows Store

The Windows store is a closed store really.Sure,you get Cut The Rope and other apps you expect but no weird and fun apps like the App Store and Google Play.The store really needed to have more support before it launched.Worse,most of the developers want to develop for tablets or phones.Not computers.

Number 3:The laptops

Firstly,the Laptops are very expensive,like $899 for a HP Envy X2. Plus you’ve got all the software which because of new Windows 8 GUI,it will be more.Plus,to get the most out of Windows 8 you must have a touchscreen which is like £250.

Number 2: It’s over rated

It’s just playing catch up with the Mac.The Mac has had apps for ages and a better app store(see above).And the new part of the UI,that’s just part of Microsoft’s update thing.

 Number 1:Metro UI/most of Windows 8

Where do we start?The Metro UI is completely new and it it rubbish with a mouse.Unless it’s a Apple Magic Mouse.Anyway,there are 2 setting menus one for Metro and one for desktop mode.And the Live Tiles are not really live.Yes it may be faster,but have you seen how much system resources it uses.If you haven’t it’s a big amount.So it will be slower when you have loads of programs open.

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2 thoughts on “windows 8,now a flop?

  1. I agree.

    Using Windows 8 on a laptop isn’t the best experience I have had on a PC. You can see it’s made for touch just by design, never mind Hardware and Software!

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