AT&T Unite,MIFI killer?

Days before CES,AT&T and Sierra Wireless release another touchscreen mobile hotspot called Unite with LTE.But the question is,will it kill the MIFI Liberate?

The duo has created two mobile Wifi hotspots this and somethings else I don’t know.Anyway,the touchsreen size is 2.4 inches and supports 4G LTE and will compete with the MIFI Liberate from AT&T also. Which also has a touchscreen.I think that the Unite has a more modest design but I prefer the Mifi Liberate because well it looks cooler

Featuring 4G is a big feature but 4G coverage is minimal in the UK.Well apart from HSPA Plus which sucks. Plus AT&T is not in the UK.And the Liberate is not here also.WOW,the uk is limited! Anyway,the pricing is unknown but you can use this on AT&T shared plan or your own plan.Also,the latter would have a $20 access fee.Yay,AT&T!

Well what do you think?Leave your opinion in the comments and give me as much encourage me as much as I can be following and leaving encouraging comments below.I welcome your criticism.


Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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