The Big Samsung release

On the 10th of December 2012 a post was posted on the Samsung blog which said get ready between 8th to 11th of January 2013 which is the dates of CES 2013.How suspicous. It also hints that the world has been waiting for this event just like I’ve been waiting for CES. How suspicous. WAIT! There is a big release at CES!!!

A new phone?

By saying that people have been waiting it may be a Galaxy S3 successor so the Galaxy S4 might be released. That would also tick another box by being something new and something to get ready for so it’s even more likely that there is going to be a new phone release which started in May via Twitter.However the company  quashed those rumours.

However Mobile World Congress is only a month after CES so many of the manufactures are saving there smartphones for that event but Samsung might be a wild card.If you know what I mean.

About the phone

The new phone will,apparentiy be unbreakable(well the screen is).  Which would be a nice feature for me because I’m always dropping my phone.Also,it would have a quad core processor and a 13 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA.(yes,I know.Megapixel are not everything.).


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