Pantech making 1080p smartphone?

As all of us tech geeks know,the more pixels in a screen the better it is.But,Pantech might be releasing a phone which could be better quality than your TV set.However,with the HTC Droid DNA with a 1080p screen will this small smartphone maker make its phone a big hit?

Pantech,is a small smartphone maker of good to rubbish phones.However for once they might make a big innovation.(Despite being a bit late.Get to that later).Anyway,the phone,which would be called the Vaga, might have a Quad core Snapanddrag S4 Pro Processor and a Adreno 320 GPU. Plus,support for 4G LTE and 802.11 ABGN Wifi support.

Due to there history,I think this phone would be released at CES.Last year at CES they released the Pantech Burst which was extremely feature packed and was only $50.However the call quality was bad and you needed a lot of tools to remove the back.So it was a decent phone.Also the Phone could be on AT&T or Verizon because of there relationship with both.However if I was Pantech I would go with AT&T because the monster,HTC Droid DNA is on Verizon.

The phone,due to Pantech’s track record the phone would be cheap for it’s specs and would have lots of features.The price will undercut the HTC by a good $25 and would be free with contracts.However with no more specs on the certificate weather the phone is real is a waiting game.

Unfortunately,with the HTC and other phones like the iPhone 5 the phone would need to be Jelly Bean to compete with the phones and maybe the curse of the small phone maker may strike and make the phone a flop like the Pantech Hotshot.All will be revealed at CES.

What do you think comment down below and use this poll about the phone.




2 thoughts on “Pantech making 1080p smartphone?

  1. Thank you a lot.Where are all these comment are coming from.Anyway,I work very hard on this and are glad you like it.Well hope you com eere again and I’ll see you on the interweb.

  2. Thank you.And for the feedback.I know that my posts have been getting a bit worse,because I’ve been so busy.A little side note,I am going to be uploading a new show called AppleTalk which I’ve been plannning.Anyway,thanks for the comment and I might see you on the interweb.

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