2012 rap up

Well it’s the end of another year so I wanted to do like a little review of 2012 and it’s my website so I can do what I want.So live with it

Top 10 tech mess ups

The tech mess ups that the tech companies want you to forget.

number 10:Google Nexus Q

The google Nexus Q was cool in its own right however it was over priced,it was late coming and it only worked with android devices.Also it looked like it would kill your children when you are not looking and the changing of the lights round the device,which is in my opinion,made it look like it was thinking of plans.Then 1 month later,quietly they killed it of.

number 9:Netflix price rises

The Netflix price rises shown how quickly a company’s reputation can go down the toilet and to have people outraged.Firstly it all started with the price,people were outraged.Shortly after they made Quickster, people were outraged and quit.Then they decided to not make Quickster.People were outraged and quit.

Number 8:Blackberry 10

Yes,it’s been delayed.AGAIN.People were waiting for Blackberry to strike back with a brand new phone with BB 10.Hech,we would have settled for a decent phone as long as they got it out,however    they didn’t get it out and that is why this is on my list.

Number 7:Instagrams terms of service

This children is why you should properly word your writing. Hundreds of people panicked when they seen the new terms of service.This is the story.After just being acquired by Facebook they changed the terms of service.However there was a problem,In the wording they pretty much said that they owned  our pictures and they might sell them.What they meant to say was we might put up ads in your pictures which meant to them as selling.Quickly after everybody totally freaked out so much that the Nat Geo page was completely supended.Then two days later they  changed it again and everything was ok-ish

Number 6:Youtube new layout

Something more personal for this,YouTube’s new layout.As we all screen it sucked. Youtube said that the layout was cleaner and simpler and cleaner.I thought it was clumsy and hard to navigate.

Number 5:Airtime

Yep this is a classic but still fun.Shaun Parker had the Idea and the confidence of a young Steve Jobs however the demo was a nothing short of a disaster.The thing just did not work half the time.Also  in the demo,the microphones cut out and the internet cut out.So that’s why this is at number 5.

Number 4:Windows 8

I know this is going to get me some hate mail but It’s just the shock of the whole new design of the whole os. From the start screen to the layout of the control panel,It’s all new.Plus windows xp,which is one of the bestest os ever,is being phased out.Yes I know it’s old but I think it’s due to this changes that microsoft is making.

Number 3:Samsung vs Apple

I don’t know what you think but I think this little incident between Apple and Samsung really damaged the tech industry but it’s not all there fault.The patent system is completely flawed.

Number 2:Insert words here?

I can’t think of anything so let’s go to number 1

Number 1:Apple maps

Yep,this is the biggest tech flop by a mile.It just floped.It was a commercial nightmare straight out of the gate and such so that Apple,Apple admitted that it was rubbish.(well apart from Steve Fourstall)

Tech events

Samsung vs Apple

Well 2012 has been a great year however when the 2 biggest smartphone makers Samsung and Apple went to court over the design of the phone button.This led to a $1 BILLION against samsung.This event will go down in tech history as the biggest court case and the biggest company    vs company ever.

SOPA and PIPA outcry

Another event was the SOPA event which I call the Government wants to regulate the internet and life crasher.However the internet was having nothing to do with it, the outcry was massive.Wikipidia and many other websites blacked out,Google put a link to advertise its opposition to SOPA and PIPA . This protest was so big that the bill was not created into a law.This incident showed how powerful the internet is and really shocked the government.

Tablet wars

The Ipad empire semes to be invaded by small cheap Android tablets like the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire and more recently the Nexus 10  is taking on the iPad on it’s own level with a Ten inch screen.Plus,it has the highest tablet res at 2560×1600.However with the introduction of the iPad mini it looks like Apple is striking back but Android tablets have came a long way and I think 2012 has been the best year for them

But,quickly lets do I top 5 tablet flops.

Number 5:HP Touchpad

Why is this at 5? you may ask well you will find out  later on.This fail ran Web OS which was a decent OS for the time ,also it had good beats audio.However it had sluggish proformance and was very smudge-prone and you could not edit office on it.

Number 4:Dell streak

Yes,another flop from one of the biggest names in the business.Again on the good side it had:speedy performance,good Dell widgets and  the wifi hotspot does not cost extra.Also it has a low res screen,bad 4G speeds and video chat is horrible.

Number 3:Archos 9 PCTablet

A USB port and a webcam,plus a built in kickstand however the touchscreen is terrible and the battery life is poor.Plus,it runs very hot and win 7 is not very touchscreen friendly.

Number 2:Kno tablet

It’s bluckly and low rez and it just sucks

Number 1:Pandidtal Nova

Pandidtal,which is a company I have never heard of then ether,make this dud.It has a slow CPU,cheap build qualitly, short battery life,the list goes on.It just SUCKS!

This is the end.

Well here we are the end of 2012


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