T4UBM (tech 4 you by me)

Yes I’m doing a post before Christmas:as a christmas present to you

commmentry: The new YouTube layout,it sucks.Plus there was no reason to change it,well to us.But I think it is all about one thing:google+

As we all know the new YouTube layout sucks.It clumsy,horrible to navigate to say the least.Well that’s not old news however we could always go back to the new layout in many ways.Or can we?Last night I got updated to the new layout,so I did that trick however they must have pached it. Because it didn’t work.Shortly after I searched the web,still no answer.



New YouTube homepage

New YouTube homepage,horrible layout.

It looks like the google plus page,and we all know how that went,anyway google’s goal is to create a bigger emperces on channels and substricions.I think it’s more about making are life a pain.People  are trying to make it clear to google that the layout suck however it seems that the youtube layout is here to stay.

Today it seems that change is the new ultrabook!(apart from it’s really slow at catching on).

Well that does it,for now, expect more updates to this post 🙂





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